Auto-underwriting engine for Life and Health insurers 

A plug-in SaaS platform that empowers underwriters to develop and manage their own digitized questionnaires converting them into rule-architects and creators

Easy to deploy, No code in the in the health rules and question flow construct

Made for multiple distribution channels and does not require armies of internal resource to implement or manage.

Use the configured base rules knowledge base of over 12,000 conditions and ailments as the base for your authorship. 

No code required to configure products, questions, workflows, outcomes and related ICD or SNOMED codes. Configuration is vendor product specific and undertake by the underwriter (with our help where required), not IT.  

Value add proposition

  1. Digitize your product catalogue with health risk assessment into the sale journey
  2. Increase sum assured values and acceptance rates

  3. Configure products in days, questions in minutes

  4. Elastic search for 12,000 disclosure terms to enable 100% decisioning 

  5. One rules engine, multiple sales channels, products and benefits, work flows and multi-language capabilities

Sm8rtHealth Underwriter Workbench

Base rules for products

Life, Critical illness, TPD, Income Protection Supplementary Health Insurance Travel Insurance

Underwriter workbench

All the features you as underwriter needs to build products with benefits. Calibrate the rules to meet your risk expectations. See the questions and work-flow render on-screen and view the knowledge base in a file explore view.

Question Configuration

Each conditions can have different configuration flows and paths for each product and benefit. Weightings can be applied for conditions together with the usual outcomes of accepted, load, exclude or EMC etc. All these underwriting outcomes can be changed on screen.

Product variables

Use elastic search on the knowledge base to ensure 100% decisioning for all ailments and conditions. Questions and flows are pre-configured for underwriters to calibrate and adjust or adopt as the needs may requires.

Build products in minutes

Set-up products, create custom data fields, add benefits, downloads language templates, and patch aliases to localize content. No IT requires to build and configure your your e-application form with drill down questions in multiple languages.

File explore view

Conditions (disclosure terms) are grouped into Families and families are then bundled with categories and classes. Structure the data set using drag and drop features.

The sizzle...

  • No secret-box auto-underwriting -> risk management domain of the underwriter
  • Implementation -> months not years
  • Analytics -> customize a dashboard for your purpose
  • API enabled – > We leave brand, look and feed, to your IT. 
  • Channel agnostic -> Use the same rule set for D to C, Advisor channels or tele-sales
  • 100% decisioning -> all medical conditions and ailment can be captured and accounted for
  • SaaS solution – nothing like the cost of those re-insurer solutions